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Looking for authentic Medicare home doctor visits, Hello Home Doctor Service can serve as your best bet. All Doctors are registered with the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (AHPRA). Our specialty is a seamless collaboration with the treated patients’ general practitioner. We share the details of your medical urgency with the GP, keeping him/her abreast with your conditions and injuries.

Adding a new dimension to the way patients are treated in Australia

With the sole objective of handling non-emergencies in public health domain, Hello Home Doctor Service is there for you when you’re unable to find a doctor or when your GP is unavailable.

We strongly discourage self-diagnosis

At Hello Home Doctor Service, we never encourage self-diagnosis because it could make things worse and your symptoms could worsen meaning might have to suffer more. Our trained and caring doctors will perform a detailed health check-up and make you familiar with the illness that is bothering you. Hello Home Doctor Services’ Medicare Doctor Home Visit Ipswich   have been appreciated and recommended by many patients.

Can Hello Home Doctor Service replace your regular GP (General Practitioner)?

The simple answer is ‘No’. Hello Home Doctor Service will only render you medical assistance for urgent after-hours care. If your symptoms continue, even after getting treated by our doctor, please don’t delay in contacting your regular GP. Only he/she is familiar with your health and able to handle your medical case in a professional way. Replacing your family GP with our at-home doctor services is definitely not recommended.