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Ipswich City Council New Business of the Year Award 2017

Hello Home Doctor Service was honoured to be chosen as the winner of the 2017 City of Ipswich – New Business of the Year Award.

About Hello Home Doctor Service

Hello Home Doctor Service is a fully accredited after-hours home visiting Doctor service. The Service is known within the healthcare industry as a Medical Deputising Service.

Hello Home Doctor Service, as a Medical Deputising Service, provides after-hours primary care to patients in their homes and residents within aged care facilities on behalf of their regular GP. This ensures that patients/residents have access to quality primary care when their usual medical practice is closed.

We provide professional management of patient care in the after-hours, notwithstanding our emphasis on the patient’s GP maintaining the primary role of care coordination. This includes preventative approaches and, by the very nature of an after-hours service, early intervention. Face to face after hours GP services allows the community to receive medical treatment often before complications occur which reducing recurring hospital visits.

Our Service is available to the general community and extending our services to people living in residential aged care facilities, developing partnerships with other key stakeholders. As a result of these partnerships and collaboration, we are now the preferred after-hours provider to many of the aged care facilities within the region.

Hello Home Doctor Service also provides a service to all outer suburbs within the Ipswich Council boundaries including but not limited to areas such as Rosewood, Marburg, Walloon, Thagoona, South Ripley etc.

We are proud to be part of our Ipswich Community.