Call Now 134-100

Servicing your healthcare needs in the after hours

Finding it hard to track a good doctor for your sick child? Call a Doctor Home Service. You can call our friendly staff and book in an experienced doctor who’ll visit your home and assess your loved ones. We will gather a few details about the patient and keep you informed of when a doctor from Hello Home Doctor Service will arrive at your location.

In addition to billing Medicare for the total cost of the medical consultation, we even ensure to send a Clinical Report to your family GP the very next business day. Some visible pros of Hello Home Doctor Service include:

  • No need to wait at a hospital’s emergency department
  • Experienced general practitioners on-board
  • No delay in treatment
  • No rush to reach the hospital

Urgent medical help is just a call away

If you’re in need of urgent medical attention, then you can call a doctor to your home by simply dialing 134-100. This is the customer care number of Hello Home Doctor Service, which has emerged as the key platform used for availing the doctor home call service.

Facing a life-threatening symptom? Call 000 or visit your nearest hospital

While we’re dedicated to send you a doctor for minor illnesses, please call 000 immediately or go to your nearest hospital in case you encounter any of the life-threatening symptoms like the following:

  • a stroke,
  • a heart attack,
  • uncontrolled bleeding from any body part,
  • fits/seizures
  • Asthma attack.

Please remember Call a Doctor Home Ipswich Service should be contacted only for urgent (not emergency) illnesses, including common cold and flu, animal bites, sprains and strains, skin rashes and infections, minor cuts etc.