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  • When can a doctor come out?
  • Our doctors commence seeing patients from 6pm to 8am Monday to Friday and from midday Saturday to 8am Monday. This means our doctors see patients all day on a Sunday. Our doctors also see patients all day on gazetted public holidays.
  • When can I call for a doctor to see me?
  • Our Call Centre commences taking calls from 6pm Monday to Friday and from midday on a Saturday. The Call Centre staff will take calls all day on a Sunday and all day on gazetted public holidays.
  • How much will it cost?
  • Hello Home Doctor Service bulk-bills all patients registered with Medicare or Veterans Affairs (DVA).
  • Alternatively, if not registered with Medicare but private health insurance (including international students with overseas student health cover – OSHC) is available with an accredited insurer, the payment will be processed directly via your healthcare provider. Accredited insurers include Allianz, Medibank, NIB, Bupa and AHM.
  • Otherwise, a payment of $200 will be incurred and payment is required via credit card at the time of booking. We do not accept cheques.
  • Should I call you in an emergency?
  • If you feel that your symptoms are life threatening (i.e. heart attack or stroke symptoms, asthma attacks, fits/seizures) or you have uncontrollable bleeding, then you should call 000 immediately or go to your nearest hospital.
  • How do I book?
  • To request a doctor to come out to your home you can call 134 100 after 6pm Monday to Friday, from midday Saturday and all day Sunday and gazetted public holidays. One of our friendly Call Centre staff will be ready to take your call.  Alternatively, book online or download the APP
  • How soon will a doctor come to my house?
  • Our doctors will endeavour to be at your home between two and three hours from the time of your call. Our doctors and their drivers will communicate with you throughout this time so you are aware of any delays or when they are close to seeing you.
  • How will my regular doctor know I have been seen?
  • Once a doctor from Hello Home Doctor Service has seen you they will complete a patient report. Once completed this patient report will be sent to your regular general practitioner for their records thereby ensuring continuity of care.
  • What can you do for me after-hours?
  • Our Doctors are fully equipped to give you quality medical care in the comfort of your own home when your condition is urgent. We commonly see patients with colds and flu like symptoms, general illnesses, cuts and minor lacerations, respiratory conditions etc.We do not see patients for routine medical consultations such as repeat scripts, immunisations. For the safety of ur Doctors, we do not prescribe drugs of addiction.Our Doctors carry both a supply of emergency medicines and a majority of normally prescribed medicines. These can be administered when an initial dose of medication if necessary and a prescription provided which can be filled in the morning.