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Why Home Doctors are Great for Children With Autism

Most children have their doubts about doctors, but for parents of autistic children, the challenge of a smooth and successful GP appointment is even harder. Regular doctor's appointments are essential for children with autism spectrum disorder; not only do doctors check for illnesses, they also provide referrals to essential specialists like dieticians and physiotherapists. But no matter how im...

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Keep Your Cool This Summer

Last summer, the Bureau of Meteorology routinely reported all-time-high temperature statements and the record-breaking heatwave was declared a state of emergency as humans and animals alike suffered in the sweltering heat. An increase in heat-related illnesses resulted in more ambulance calls and doctor visits than usual. This year, the Bureau of Meteorology is again predicting above average su...

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How to Keep Your Child Safe and Healthy With the Babysitter

For any parent, the biggest worry when leaving a child with a babysitter is whether they'll be safe and healthy. Here are a few ways you can ensure your little one will be okay in a sitter's hands.

Choose Someone with First Aid Training

The first step to keeping your child safe while they're with their babysitter is to ensure you choose the best sitter available. Most parents know t...

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Why You Should Consult a Real Doctor Instead of Dr Google

Do you tend to head to Google when you have medical symptoms you can't explain? If so, you're not alone. One study found that almost 8 in 10 Australians use the internet to find health information, with almost 4 in 10 self-diagnosing their own medical conditions online. ...

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How to Encourage Good Health Habits in Your Children

As a parent, you likely worry endlessly about your children. You take concern over every aspect of their lives, and you're especially concerned when they fall ill. After all, when they become sick, you'll be the one nursing them back to good health. Eventually, though, they'll grow up and be responsible for taking good care of themselves. And with our guide below, you can help them know exactly...

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When to See Your Doctor About Leg Pain

Everyone suffers leg pain from time to time. In most cases, leg pain is caused by a relatively harmless concern such as minor injury or cramps. Minor leg pain usually disappears on its own with no need for medical intervention. However, if your leg pain persists for several days or weeks, is particularly severe or comes with other symptoms, you may need to see a doctor for diagnosis and treatment....

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When Should You See Your Doctor About Acute Diarrhoea?

If you're experiencing diarrhoea that isn't showing any signs of stopping, you might start to worry. You may wonder about how it will affect others in your household or wonder if you are likely to become dehydrated. Although you do not need to see a GP for every bout of diarrhoea, sometimes the nature of the situation makes doing so necessary. By learning more about some common red flag symptom...

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When Is It Necessary to See a Doctor for the Flu?

Most cases of the flu can be safely treated at home with rest and plenty of hot drinks, but sometimes you or your loved one should see a doctor. Here are several situations in which you should not hesitate to call a doctor. If your case of the flu falls into any of these categories, contact a doctor right away.

1. Your Baby Has the Flu

Influenza is usually a relatively mild illness in a...

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Do’s and Don’ts for Dealing With Something Stuck in Your Eye

Sight is undoubtedly one of the most crucial senses. In fact, it's how you perceive up to 80 percent of all your impressions. So when you get something stuck in your eye, you need to stay calm and be careful to avoid hurting your vision. The most common...

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The ABCD Guide to Dealing With Your Child’s Night Time Fever

Fevers during the night are not uncommon for children, but they can be a big worry for parents. It's easy to get stressed if your child falls ill when the doctor’s office is closed, but rest assured that dealing with your child's fever is as easy as ABCD when you know the steps. Take a look at our simple, memorable guide for help.

A is for Assess: Check Their Symptoms

While fevers are...

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3 Ways to Prepare for an Unexpected Baby Illness

If you're a first-time parent, you don't have much—or any—experience looking after a young child. You may be anxious about how you'll cope if your baby suddenly gets ill and your GP's surgery is closed. You know that you can take your baby to the hospital if they get seriously ill, but you may doubt your ability to manage more minor problems. You may also be concerned that you won't know...

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Say HELLO to Hello Home Doctor Service Ipswich

The establishment of Hello Home Doctor Service Ipswich came about from an idea at a local networking event where members of the healthcare community were discussing the lack of access to available after-hours service in the Ipswich area. It was identified that there was a great need in the Ipswich Region for an effective home visiting Service that also services the outer Ipswich area...

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The most common reason Patients call 134100 in the after hours

Feeling unwell in the after-hours and your regular GP is closed but the condition does not warrant an Emergency Department visit? Emergency alternatives are available which include the use of an after-hours home visiting Doctor Service such as Hello Home Doctor Service. Our Doctors care for you on behalf of your usual GP by providing home visits in the after-hours. We provide care when you c...

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Ways to avoid the cold and flu

It is vital  to discuss with Home Doctor when consulting.   How to  protect yourself and identify ways to avoid the cold and flu. The common cold and flu are both respiratory illnesses. The symptoms  include runny nose, sore throat, sneezing, coughing, body aches and pains. Whilst Flu symptoms are more severe and come on quickly. Here are some handy tips to protect yourself from the flu ...

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12 Free Health Care Services

Hello Home Doctor Service - Community Update:  Needing health matter advice, thinking about quitting smoking, have a question relating to poisons, Queensland Health provides a list of free health care services available to our community.   Free Health Care Service Queensland Health Read More